Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Abyss


Or to be more precise, The Internet Abyss.

That is where we have been since July 1st.

On vacation.

In The Internet Abyss.

And The Facebook Abyss.

And The Cell Phone Abyss.

And The Email Abyss.

And even, for three days when a telephone pole fell down up the hill, in The Landline Abyss.

But alas, we escaped from The Abyss for a few hours today.

I have twelve more miles to go until I plunge back into the Abyss.

Not nearly long enough to post seven days worth of Captain Jake Sparrow stories.

But I assure you, there are most definitely seven days worth of said pirate's stories.

And even a near-fatal injury story to boot (NOT involving the Captain, believe it or not).

I also have a story about crucifixations that allegedly take place in The Abyss.

And Bill's Wife stories.

And Grover stories.

So, yes, there are blogs to come.

In the next few days, we will escape the Abyss entirely, and move on towards our next challenging destination.

Stay tuned.....

PS - thank GOD for Blackberries. And I don't mean the fruit. And if only I could remember the name of the sweet man from T-Mobile who spent exactly 58 minutes with me on the phone today, getting me out of the Abyss....

Three miles to go, and I'm back in the Abyss...

I'll catchya later Bloggies.

The Hurricane is still alive and well!


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