Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Yeah, you've already heard my diatribe on 'there's no crying in this house'.

Let me rewind a bit.

Reilly the Red has senioritis. At six. She can't wait for summer to be here.

So she can stay up late.

And sleep in.

That's what SHE says.

She has been counting down the days until school is out. There are THREE left.

On the other hand, we have the Captain.

He is madder than hell that he is not going to school this summer.

He insists that his preschool will shut down without his presence.

"But, but, but, Mom? WHAT will they do without me?"

Two Swords and I have thought this was quite funny, as the Captain isn't the greatest student, if you know what I mean, but he is definitely a social animal.

And when we told them about our grandiose summer plans (to be disclosed in a later post), the Captain still wasn't sold.

So we've been going through this "I can't WAIT for school to be out, WOOHOO!", to "Waaaaaa, I WANT to go to school."

Not really sure what was going on in the universe last night, but both kids were BAWLING their eyes out that school was almost over.

Reilly the Red was crying and sobbing and slobbering about how much she is going to miss Mrs. B.

That she is the BEST teacher she has ever had (ummm, yeah she's great and all, but she is only the SECOND teacher you've ever had, kiddo).

Reilly even went so far as to say that she wanted us to FAIL her, so she would get Mrs. B. again.

We casually reminded her that she had the highest grade in her class, that even though she has three more days of school left, she has already been promoted to second grade, and too bad so sad, it is time to move on and move up.

The sobbing and slobbering went ON and ON and ON and ON.

We even told her that she would still see Mrs B. every single day, that she could visit her before she went to her 'new' classroom, that she could email her, or write her letters.


And then the Captain started.

Same exact story.

Same tears.

Same "What will Miss W. do without ME?"

"I am going to MISSSSSSSSSSSSS her!"

This went on for about two hours.

I have to say, my children have been very blessed with the most loving, generous, gifted, teachers. We couldn't have asked for better educators for our babies.

But I don't know about all this CRYING nonsense.

I know what all of you are going to say....


That's so sweet!


Well here's my rebuttal:

Enough crying already!


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