Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday! courtesy of MckMama

In my pre-blogging life, I did NOT spend 20 years as a construction cost accountant.

I was NOT responsible for the management of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars.

I NEVER spent hours upon hours upon days upon days searching for, say, TEN CENTS, in order for my reports to balance.

I was NOT so loud and so fast and so ASTOUNDING TO WATCH on a 10-key adding machine that I was NOT given the moniker, "Fast Fingers Fallon".


Not Me.

No Way.

Today, at the bank, I absolutely did NOT make a TWO DOLLAR error on a bank deposit totaling $158.32.

That would NEVER happen.

And since I did NOT make such an error, I would NOT have asked the teller to "COUNT IT AGAIN."

Buffoonery, I say.


NEVER happened.

NOT to me.

NOT today.


  1. Eh... I'm in property management and I beat myself up all of the time. My maintenance guys tells me all of the time "ya know, there was only one perfect man and you know what they did to Him." It puts things into perspective for me right away!

  2. I would be your worst nightmare.......I haven't "balanced" our checking acct in over 8 years. eek!