Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Friend


Ahhhh the Captain.

ME: "How was your last day of summer camp today Jake?"

Sparrow: "I was only in timeout for two timeouts."

ME: "Why were you in two timeouts."

Sparrow: "Because (head bobbing side to side whilst hew was relating the story) I wasn't listening on the playground and ugh I wasn't listening blah blah blah."

(The blah blah blahs were not used by me for effect. They are directly quoted from the Captain)

ME: "Oh. Okay. Did you have a better day after you got out of your two timeouts?"

Sparrow: "Yep Hey Mom today I met a new boy in my class and he is my new friend and his name is Jordan."

Clearly Captain Jake Sparrow's high school English teacher will have to spend extra time working on his run-on sentences.

But I digress.

ME: "Wow, Jake, that's cool. So when you get back from vacation, maybe he will be in your new class?"

Sparrow: "Yeah, maybe Mom. I told him that whenever he gets big I'm gonna kick his butt."




  1. I love that Jakester. Is Jordan smaller than Jake? Maybe Jake doesn't want to kick the butt of kid who is small?

    When I was Jake's age I told my mom, "just wait until I'm the MOMMY and you're the KID!"

  2. Ha! That reminds me of an episode of Sponge Bob. Mine are going to VBS in 2wks . . . I'm sure they will thoroughly embarrass me.