Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carb Smart


The Captain and I are spending a quiet Sunday evening together.

Two Swords and the Red are off at a neighboring event eating oysters.

So the Captain was kinda 'bent' about not getting to go, but he doesn't like oysters, and Two Swords needed a break from him.

In an effort to appease the Captain, I allowed him to pick whatever dessert choice he would like, since he ate quite a good supper.

He went to the freezer, and picked out a 'Carb Smart' ice cream bar.

I said, "Are you sure that's what you want?"

Captain: "Yep."

I said, "Are you SURE? Because you only get one choice, you know..."

Captain: "Yeah, Mom. They taste good, and they are good for me, because they make my heart stop beeping."

Me: "Really? They make your heart STOP beeping?"

Captain: "Yep. That's what the commercial says."



  1. when my son was Captains age I SWEAR he used to say there was beeping in his chest. Scared the CRAP OUTTA ME!.

  2. Yes, My Queen, but did he say that ice cream would make his heart STOP beeping?