Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday courtesy of MckMama!

Yesterday morning,

as our CONTEMPORARY worship session was about to begin,

Captain Jake Sparrow did NOT....

hold up a VHS tape of a Power Rangers movie,

and excitedly scream at the top of his lungs,

"Hey MOM!

Josh said I could watch his movie with him in the nursery,

while the OLD people have their church."

His exclamation was NOT met with shock, horror, and lots of laughter.

And NO one asked, "How did he know that mostly OLD people do NOT go the 11 am service?"

To which I did NOT respond,

"Ummmmm. I did NOT tell him."



  1. Howdy fellow Floridian! Too weird, I have Crohn's as well - diagnosed in Sept. of '97. I've been very blessed for it to just be a minor annoyance so far. LOVE your Not Me! Very funny - well, probably not at the time, but your laughing now, right?

  2. YOUR boy says the darndert things! I bet he learned that all on his own with NO help from his momma. Riiiiiight.

  3. Hysterical. I love that Captain!