Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perfect Parenting


We are very proactive and protective related to what our children are allowed to watch on television.

Mostly, we watch things TOGETHER, as a family. Monster trucks, football, Rolandoh Magic, American Idol, Wipeout, O'Reilly Factor (swear!), Food Network, and HGTV.

We do enjoy watching movies on the weekends, and absolutely LOVE Netflix.

If Two Swords and I want to watch a 'grown-up' movie, we wait until the kids are in bed, or we allow the kids to watch a 'kid' movie in the den while we watch our movie in the living room.

That is how it works in THIS family.

Recently, we rented the movie "Taken". Wow. Awesome movie. Lots of violence, but the message is so powerful.

When Two Swords and I read the description, we thought that it might be a movie that Reilly could handle, given the ultimate message. Believe it or not, we were right. She and the Captain sat riveted during the whole movie, were not scared or freaked out, and we had discussions after the movie was over as to some choices certain people (a 17 year old girl in particular) could have made to avert the disaster that was about to befall her.

So lots of parents would probably question our choice, but ultimately it worked out, and my daughter has a visual example of what happens when you lie to your parents and talk to strangers.

That being said....

Today, Captain Jake Sparrow asked Nathan (our 12 year old summer vacation 'helper') if he had seen the movie "TOOK-EN".

Nathan: "No."

Reilly the Red: "He means TAKEN. The movie TAKEN. About the girl who is TAKEN."

Nathan replied, "No, but I've heard about it."

Captain: "Oh my gosh! It is so AWESOME! There's this girl, and she gets KEEDnapped, and her dad comes to save her life and he KEELS like a million bad guys and he is such a BADASS!"

Nathan: "Um, Jake? Are you sure you should be saying that word?"

Captain: "What, Awesome?"

Nathan: "Um, no, that other word?

Captain: "What word?"

Reilly the Red interjects: "Nathan, if you're talking about BADASS, then yeah, it's okay for him to say it because my Mom taught it to him."


So true.



  1. hahaha, I love your family. Too friggin funny!

  2. I love reading your blog. Your family sounds so much like mine.