Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Year Round Schools


Today is day three of summer vacation.

My kids have never had a 'summer' vacation.

Since Two Swords' and I always worked, the kids were always in a structured preschool environment, even in the summers.

Day three.

I am running out of ideas to keep them busy.

And I have don't have the money to 'take' them everywhere they want to go.

For two days, we did pretty good.

They played outside A LOT!, they swam, they helped with construction, they had Nautical Nathan to distract them, they were not allowed to watch any television, or play with electronics of any kind....

For two days, I had great hope for the remainder of June, until we take our big 'trip', and then I wouldn't have to worry about keeping them entertained.

I give up.

I hereby announce my wholehearted support for year-round schools.

In the meantime, I'm letting them lay around and watch movies today.

Just because.

I'll make them go outside again tomorrow.


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