Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tell Everybody In Charge


This is the first year that the Reilly the Red and Captain Jake Sparrow have ever attended VBS (Vacation Bible School), because when we had careers we just couldn't work it out with our schedules.

So we weren't sure what they would think of it, but we committed to it nonetheless.

This is the VBS feedback that came from Red and The Captain this evening, when I picked them up at 830 pm.

On the way home, they were CRYING because VBS ended too early.

I asked them what time they thought VBS should end.

Reilly, (through the drama and the tears), said TEN O'CLOCK.

I said, "Really? That late?"

She said, "Yes! It is ending way too early. We are having fun and then it has to stop and we have to go home. WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAA"

I asked her what she would like me to do about it.

She said, (And I Quote), "I want you to email everybody who is in charge of VBS and ask them if they can make it go until TEN O'CLOCK."

I chuckled to myself, but told her I would email "everybody who is in charge."

So I would surmise that this year's VBS is a huge success if I have to drag my kids home screaming and crying and begging to stay another hour and a half.

They don't even do that when we go to Chuck E. Cheese.



  1. Awesome! VBS is this week at my church as well. I haven't been able to help out, (darn that pesky job)but have been praying for the volunteers. I'm glad your kiddos have been having fun. I put your book in the mail yesterday so hopefully it will arrive soon. You have got to let me know what you think... hopefully you will love it!

  2. Where is this school? I want in!