Thursday, June 25, 2009



Today, my oh-so-grateful-and-never-cranky SEVEN year old got a haircut.

As usual, Miss Theresa did a fabulous job, and Reilly the Red looks like a rockstar.

As I got out my wallet to pay for the haircut, Miss Theresa said, "Nope! It's my belated birthday gift to her!"

I thanked her most graciously, as did Reilly.

As we get in the car and Reilly shuts her door, she says, "Ga-RATE! Now I have to write another damn thank-you note."

Oh the joys of parenthood.



  1. Good job, Hurricane! My mom made me write thank you notes too!

  2. She will appreciate you later that you made her write those. I know I appreciate my mom for it.

  3. i say the same thing about them...i hate writing thank you notes!!