Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday courtesy of MckMama!

NO, we are NOT on vacation in West Virginia.

NObody takes vacations to West Virginia.

NOT us.

NOT anybody.

Whilst we were NOT on vacation in West Virginia, Reilly the Red did NOT suffer an injury.

The injury was NOT near-fatal.

She did NOT almost DISlocate her shoulder.

She did NOT start to hyperventilate.

She did NOT faint.

She did NOT fall flat on her face onto a hardwood porch.

As my precious daughter was NOT convulsing, I was NOT thinking:

"If she loses one of her 'new' teeth, we will NOT be able to buy her a 'new' 'new' tooth, as there are NO dentists in West Virginia, as NObody in West Virginia has any teeth."

NOT me.

I would NEVER think such a thing.

I would NEVER disrespect my dear husband's 'home place'.

NOT whilst my child was suffering.

NOT ever.



  1. HAHAHA! That's the first thing I think of every time my oldest takes one to the face ~ oh no! not the new teeth! Hope she's ok!

  2. I decided to check out your "blogging"! And after seeing it I can honestly say that I will not be "checking this out" again. Shame on you for your comments about West Virginia not only is it not true but it is not even funny. I am not sure what your are trying to accomplish in the "Blogging World" but the fact that your husbands family are true West Virginians‘, you are showing total disrespect for him and our family.

    We, "residents of West Virginia" are U.S. citizens as well. and contrary to your opions we have higher education. Many professionals call this their home. Not only are your comments offensive but they are also false. Sure, like many states, including your home state, we have our share of undesirables‘, however we are all gods children, isn’t that what we teach our kids?

    I have sat back for nine years now and listened and watched as you have ridiculed my family and my state, not wanting to cause friction in our family. But enough already, let it go and maybe just maybe you will finally [words from your mouth} “be accepted”.

  3. Oh and you did NOT totally piss off your family with your OPIONS while you were NOT in West Virginia. You know the state where they have higher education. They just don't know how to spell. Ok, I'm done stirring the pot. Have a great rest of your stay. Try and behave yourself, would ya?

  4. WOW ! Heather... good luck ! It seems you DEFINITELY pissed off some PEEP in W.V. Take it from someone who knows... You don't need to "be accepted".. we like you just the way you are !
    Debbie T.

  5. Hello Henderson, Did you ever wonder why our society has stereo types? I'll save you the trouble of thinking. It's because 90% of them are true. So just because you may be in that 10%, you can't be upset with the Hurricane for expressing her views from her own experience. Most of us have been attracted to a cousin, but we didn't marry them. I love alcohol, but I don't try to distill it in my back yard, I buy it in a store. So I ask you Ms. Henderson, "While Hurricane was in WV did she see anyone without teeth, and did she notice any cousins hugging just a little too long?" I'm sure she did, and I'm sure her comments are justified. Don't be upset with her observations. Be upset with what's obviously right in front of you, that somehow you've failed to notice.