Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day Four - Birthday Bonanza

Grandma Izzy turns NINETY today!

Her gigantic birthday celebration spawned our idea for our 'big trip'. How could we miss a NINETIETH birthday party? It's not every day that someone turns NINETY!

Grandma Izzy is a very special and much loved matriarch.

I mean, how many people get their birthday party invitations printed in the local newspaper?


She is SPECIAL!!!!

I really enjoyed taking pictures for the event.

When I walked up with my Sony SLR with my Super Zoom Tamron lens, one local resident remarked, "There's that lady from Channel 5 News!"

I think that was a compliment?

Here are a few pictures of the event. (I would share more, but I didn't get explicit permission from everyone, so I can only post a few pics).

This was a fabulous fruit sculpture.

This is Captain Jake Sparrow after eating about six thousand strawberries from the above-referenced fruit sculpture.

The main entree of the event was country fried chicken. Lots and lots of it. Family and friends were frying chicken for days, and then baked it in the oven the day of the event. Yum.

Sweet cherry pie!

Not only was it a fabulous day and a fabulous party with a fabulous meal and fabulous company, but the Attorney General actually sent an emissary to the party, with an official proclamation from the Governor of West Virginia, acknowledging Grandma Izzy's 90 years of dedication and service to her state.

We were thrilled to be able to be a small part of her special day.

Congratulations Grandma!


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