Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day Twelve - Packing Up and Moving Out


Our last day in West Virginia was filled with visits from friends and family who came to say goodbye.

This is Miss Janie, a friend of Billy Two Swords', since WAY before he was a pirate or a daddy or a husband.

She is so very sweet and we love her to pieces. She brought goodie travel bags for the kids for the next segment of our road trip and we so enjoyed our visit. We wish we could see her more often.

The pirates got to spend some time with their freshly hatched Baby Cousin Joshua.

They got to ogle him and love on him and play with him and feed him.

But interestingly enough, they wanted no part in changing his diaper.

Even the Captain was completely grossed out by formula-laced baby poop.


Should we have another baby?


Thank you for bringing me back to reality, Miss Karen.

I digress...

Reilly the Red and Captain Jake Sparrow got lots of playtime with their Cousin Lemonade.

We were calling them Larry, Moe and Curly for most of the day. Perhaps you can see why?

This would be Larry......


And without further ado.......

(I think you've met him a time or two before.....)


The three cousins played together all day long.

Since they only see each other about once a year, there were some interesting dynamics going on.

We had a brother and a sister against a cousin.

Two girls versus a boy.

Two four year olds in contention with a seven year old.

Two VERY bossy Floridians versus one very sweet (can't we all just get along?) West Virginian.

I tried not to interfere with their petty arguments, as kids just need to be kids sometime, but eventually I had to intervene.

I asked them all to come into the living room and sit down for a second, in separate chairs.

Cousin Lemonade was clearly the most behaved of the bunch (as ashamed as I am to admit it!), and the most amicable of the three cousins.

When they all were seated, Curly (pardon me, I mean Captain Jake Sparrow), exclaimed,

"I just want to come in here and get my consequence OVER with! UGH!"

Which kind of sums up the pirate behavior of the past twelve days.

Knowing that we had worn out our welcome, and West Virginia had had enough of Captain Jake Sparrow and Hurricane Heather, we packed up our Expedition and headed onwards on our expedition to our next destination.

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