Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Fourteen - Tending Bar and the Motorcade

We had such a grand day planned for our first day in St. Louis.

The Pirates were so excited, they were literally bouncing off the walls.

To buy some time until we left, I suggested they sit down, and Reilly the Red would read a book to the Captain.

She chose a Sponge Bob Square Pants joke book.
I was getting dressed, when I overheard her tell him the following joke:

"What do ghosts buy when they travel?"

And the Captain thought long and hard and said...."ummmm....Ghost shoes!"

Five minutes later......

Everyone was ready to go, and heading out the front door.

The Captain screams, "I need a washcloth!"

Hurricane: Why?

Captain: I gotta clean up a really big mess.

Hurricane: What kind of mess?

Captain: I don't want to tell you.

Hurricane: I need to know what you did.

Captain: I'm going to be in really big trouble.

Hurricane: Jake.....Show me the mess.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Jake's mess:

We can now officially add "Bar Tending" to the Captain's very small list of skills.

He opened a five year old mini souvenir bottle of Grand Marnier and poured five shots. He also got Grand Marnier all over himself and the bar and the floor and.....


So, after cleaning up the Grand Marnier menagerie, we headed to downtown St. Louis.

When we were planning our 'trip of a lifetime', we had no idea that the All Star game would be here at the same time that we were, but, it ended up being okay.

We walked several miles through downtown, Union Station, and the All Star pre-game activities; went to the top of the Gateway Arch, and witnessed an unexpected surprise - the Presidential motorcade!, with our St. Louis family:

Pirate Commander Kelly....

Dugger the Wench.....

My three pirates in front of Busch Stadium, at the All-Star game.....

Reilly the Red and SeaHag Savannah at the top of the Gateway Arch......

Yes, this is a picture of Sparrow's butt, as he looks out the window of the Arch.....

What adventures will tomorrow hold?

I am almost afraid to ask....


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