Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Thirteen - Corn and Pirate Pulls


Onward we trudged.

Through West Virginia, Indiana, IlliNoise, and eventually landing in St. Louis, Missouri.

The most exciting part of our road trip today?

Captain Jake Sparrow peed in a cornfield somewhere on the side of Interstate 64 and Indiana.

My Facebook friend Jamie has 'peeps' in Indiana, and I was scared to death that perhaps my spawn had urinated on his family's homestead, but he assured me the urine was way south of his birthplace.


Upon arrival at the home of Commander Kelly and Dugger the Wench, we were THRILLED with our accomodations. Talk about being pampered!


Their were motorcycles....

And trucks.....

And lots of TVs.......

And INTERNET (Thank you GOD!)....

And comfy beds and comfy couches and a refrigerator filled with treats and APPLE JACKS!


The kitchen cabinets had hardware pulls that looked like they belonged on a pirate ship!

The Sparrow was in all his glory.

What will the pirates do next????



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