Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Eighteen - Under the Banner of Heaven

Zion National Park.

The closest thing I have ever witnessed to heaven on earth.

They even have mountains named after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Even the Captain said, "Hey! I know them! Those guys are in the Bible!"

(Yes, Miss Penny, he is actually paying attention in Sunday School!)

Believe it or not, I have not doctored any of these photos. The sky is THAT blue.

There is also a new mountain that was conquered during our visit to Zion:

Mount Fallon! As claimed by Billy Two Swords!

Two-Fisted Chris tried to claim-jump, but he failed.

It remains Mount Fallon.

We even told Jarmaine about it.

We drove all through the park, just in awe of God's creative splendor.


The Captain wants to know, "When are we going hunting?"

Have no idea where he got that idea.

Unless he mis-heard the word "hiking"?

Later, we took a bus tour through the park.

It was one of those two-car buses, with one driver, with the second bus getting the commentary by intercom.

The Captain was sitting in the front seat of the second bus.

As the bus started to move, he screamed at the top of his lungs,

"WHO is driving THIS bus????"

The rest of the bus riders cracked up. It was one of his finer moments.

As the bus made its regular stops throughout the tour, the Captain again exhibited his charm.

He stuck his hands out the window, waving to the people at the stops, inviting them to,

"hey, come on OUR bus! Come on! Our bus is cool!"

The bus finally took us here....

The Weeping Rock.

It actually 'sweats', and drips on you.

But in the case of Captain Jake Sparrow....

"Why is this mountain peeing on me?"


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