Monday, July 6, 2009

Day Six - Boating for Two


You probably think this is a post about Mr. and Mrs. Two Swords getting away from the Pirate Rats for a day.


Like THAT ever happens.

The four pirates headed for Tygart Lake this morning to go boating with some of our WV family.

About 8 miles down the road....


The Captain hurled.

We stopped.

We cleaned him up.

We 'debated' about whether to go on, or to turn around.

I volunteered to stay back at the homestead with the Sparrow, while Two Swords and Reilly the Red went boating, since Reilly the Red can swim, and can 'last' longer than the Captain anyway.

Very reluctantly (because he really wanted us to have a FOUR Pirate boat day), Two Swords turned the car around.

Two miles later.........


The Captain hurled again.

So me and the Captain hung out, read stories, napped, ate Skittles, and watched Ice Age.

Grandma and Grandpa were gone for the day, so I had fun everytime the phone rang.

When the callers said, "Who's this?" I would say, "Who's this", even though I knew who they were on Caller ID.

It was fun.

And Two Swords and the Red had a great time on the boat, tubing, and swimming, and boating and Jet-skiing ALL DAY LONG.


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