Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day Seven - Keednapped


Yes, it is still Day Seven.

Captain Jake Sparrow came outside and started screaming his usual, "MOM!"

And I replied my usual, sigh, "Yes, Jake?"

"MOM! Reilly has been KEEDNAPPED!"

Yeah right.


"Really, Jake?"

"Yeah, Mom, she was!"

"Well, Jake, what do you suggest we do?"

"MOM! We need to call the POH-LEECE! Right NOW!"

"Jake, how do you KNOW she was keednapped?"

"MOM! I asked Cousin Thomas where Reilly was and he said, 'SHE'S NOT HERE!'"

"Oh. So that means she has been KEEDNAPPED?"

"Yeah MOM!"

"Are you sure she didn't go with Dad?"

"Yeah MOM! HURRY! We have to call the POH-LEECE!"

"Are you sure she didn't go with Grandpa?"

"Yeah MOM! I'm SERIOUS! She has been KEEDNAPPED!"

"Okay, I'll come up to the house in a minute and call the police."

"Thanks, Mom, I'm really worried."

Off he trots.

I mosey on up to the house.

He comes running out, and says, "I found her!"


"Where was she?"


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