Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Goatee

I have received quite a few questions related to the origin of the infamous goatee picture on my profile.

Perhaps this will clarify things a bit:

1). NO - I do not have a goatee in real life. But if I did, it would be dyed red to match my hair.

2). Yes - I LOVE goatees. On men. Duh.

3). In my attempt to remain 'anonymous', I opted to use the goatee picture, since so much of my life (and that of my family's!) is splattered all over the blogosphere.

4). I am not the creator of that picture - a much-loved family member decided to 'alter' my appearance as a practical joke. I thought it was hilarious and decided to embrace my faux-beard rather than reject it.

Any other questions?

Oh, and yes, I have heard that I am known around the blogosphere as 'The Bearded Poop Lady".

I'm okay with that. I've been called much worse!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yeah, that is definitely on the mild of of names I have/could be called too.

  3. I love the pic. Everytime I come to your blog it makes me chuckle. lol

  4. So glad it is not real...LOL My brother did that to my face once too. Hysterical.