Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fresh Coat of Paint

Our home is in a continual state of renovation.

Thankfully, Billy Two Swords is quite the handyman/fixer-upper/can-handle-just-about-anything-that-breaks-guy as long as it does not involve plumbing or electric. Although he has finally figured out how to fix the dishwasher and the washing machine. It took him eleventy tries, but I have to give him his props. I'm definitely not smart enough to fix either.

So......I have requested that we re-paint the kids' bathroom. It was the first room we remodeled, in 2000, and it is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. So tomorrow, Billy Two Swords and his counterpart, Mr. Frodo, will be painting the bathroom.

When Reilly the Red found out that their bathroom was getting painted, she was very curious about the color choice. She is quite creative, artistic, and very 'into' fashion. I am constantly inspired by her ideas of what matches and what doesn't.

So she asked Mr. Frodo: "What color are you painting the bathroom?"

Mr. Frodo: "Poop color."

Reilly the Red: "What the heck are you talking about?"

Mr. Frodo: "We're painting the bathroom a browny poopy color."

Reilly the Red: "WHY are you doing THAT? That will be UGLY! That won't MATCH the stuff that's in there!"

Mr. Frodo: "Yeah, but the next time Jake wipes his poop on the wall, he won't get in trouble, 'cuz nobody will notice."

Yes, friends, POOP is my life.


  1. What was Reilly's response to this? Did she go beat her little brother for being a poop-head?

  2. No, she came screaming out to me, "MOMMY! Mr. Frodo is NOT going to paint MY bathroom the color of poop, RIGHT?"

    And I assured her that no, in fact, he was NOT.

    And then she said, "I KNEW he was joking me."