Sunday, January 18, 2009

Question of the Millennium

Reilly the Red: "Mommy, are you pregnant?"

Aghast Mommy: "Are you asking me that because you think I'm fat?"

Reilly the Red: (eyes rolling uncomfortably as she tries to avoid eye contact with me) "No, I don't think you look fat. You just look pregnant fat."

Aghast Mommy: "I'm not pregnant."

Reilly the Red: (big sigh) "I was just wondering."


  1. priceless...but only because it has happened to me too.

  2. One more reason God made them so darn we don't hurt them.

  3. My son single handidly forced me into what has become a three month and counting diet because of his constant poking of my mid section while mockingly singing Fat Belly Fat Belly! I'm proud to say I have dropped 12 pounds and a pair of love handles. It is amazing how our children have the means to inspire us...ugh!

  4. Remember....your wife is half responsible for the breeding of this spawn. Blame her. That's what I always do. Not that I blame AE, I blame Billy Two Swords!

    DUDE - This time next week!!!!

    Steeler NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!