Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Musings

Scariest Reality Show Ever: Renovation Realities on DIY Network.

Renovating your own home with your construction superintendent of a spouse is scary enough.

Watching Mr. Investment Banker and His Wife fumble their way through the demolition of load bearing walls causes me great anxiety.

It makes me want to give a shout-out to our friend Mr. Bill who helped us determine that our house wouldn't collapse if we tore down the two walls we absolutely 'had' to in order to realize our HGTV-induced 'vision'.

Thanks again Mr. Bill!

Greatest Idea of the New Year:

Every time that Reilly the Red says the word "So????" with the hair-tossing, newly ear-pierced, I-think-I'm-24-but-really-I'm-only-6, attitude, she has to do 5 push-ups.

For every second that she delays, she has to do another.

She just did her first 8 push-ups of 2009!

She'll have Bend-It-Like-Beckham abs before she's NINE!

If only I could figure out a way to use this idea to motivate Billy Two Swords? Not that he needs motivating....but just in case.....

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