Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference

Captain Jake Sparrow's preschool teacher, the VERY lovely Ms. West, shared with us the following incident. I am certain this will ring a bell with my loyal followers.

Captain Jake Sparrow had to poop.

While he was pooping, he wanted to talk to Ms. West.

He told her, "You know what, Ms. West?"

"What, Jake?"

Sparrow: "My dad's pee-pee has hair on it."

Ms West (thank God she was a nurse and a mom before she was a teacher, and thank God she knows how to handle the Captain): Yeah, I know.

Sparrow: "How do you know?"

Ms. West: "Cuz someday Jake, your pee-pee will have hair on it too."

Sparrow (with shaft in one hand and head bowed toward the netherregions): "NO IT WON'T!"

Ms West (smiling): "Yes. It will."


Yep. Perhaps now he is getting the picture.


  1. I so enjoy your stories. Your son is so funny.

  2. Ask Dr. Crop about her offspring's reaction to being told she will one day have a chest...

  3. That is hysterical! You should think about writing a book. Have you ever read "Life Among the Savages" by Shirley Jackson? It isn't her typical "The Lottery" or "Stepford Wives" writing, but a memoir of her children growing up. It's hysterical and her son reminds me of Captain Jake Sparrow. If you haven't read it, you should look for it at the library.

  4. It seems that you and I just might be raising the same little boy...

  5. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I love your stories, just love them.

  6. Offspring J was aghast that she would get a chest. Of course, she should not worry if she looks at her mother.
    Thus, says the hijacker of the gray profile.