Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Popcorn Hobbit

I heard a rustling of sorts in the kitchen pantry. Followed by a loud, 'UGH!'.

And then a slamming of doors.

From far in the distance, I hollered, "What say you?"

The Hobbit replied, "Where is the popcorn?"

I, the Most Beautiful of all Elven Witches responded, "The last of the popcorn was consumed a fortnight ago."

The Hobbit responded, "Impossible."

The Most Beautiful of all Elven Witches insisted, "Sire. You are mistaken. Popcorn, alas, is no more."

And the Hobbit began to twit and twitter and tweet whilst exclaiming, "But a Hobbit cannot possibly be expected to watch a movie without POPCORN!"

And the Most Beautiful of all Elven Witches suggested, "Perhaps a snack of Elven Loaded Baked Potato Pringles would satisfy your Hobbit cravings?"

And the Hobbit frustratingly emerged from the pantry and aghastly uttered a word that would endure for eons of generations to come:



  1. Again...sounds like my almost 4 year old. He got in time out at school last Tuesday for saying Whatever to his teacher...oops...

  2. Yeah...he seems ecstatic about those pringles...perhaps he should do some of the grocery shopping!!! LOL