Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!

We, as a family, have NOT had a very difficult, yet very miraculous week.

We, as a family, have NOT been praising God at every positive turn.

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends did NOT come to visit me and the children for a few hours.

This friend of mine is NOT very prayerful.

She is NOT an absolute spiritual inspiration to me.

And, NO, heaven's NO, she is absolutely NOT a pastor's wife.

That NOT being said......

Captain Jake Sparrow did NOT get a bit aggravated at a roll of paper towels whilst my friend was NOT here.

He did NOT say, (quite loudly),


To which I did NOT look at him and HER in utter amazement!

I did NOT say to my friend, "Yeah, he has NEVER said other curse words before, but this one is definitely a first."

I did NOT ignore his utterance, in the hopes that it might NEVER return again.

NOT me.

NO way.

Did NOT happen.



  1. Bahahahahaha! My best friend is the pastor's wife. I am at their house all the time. Eventually you'll realize that their children aren't perfect either and relax a little. :)

  2. oh, i know their kids aren't perfect.
    it was just 'perfect' timing that my kid whipped out the J.C. for the first time in his life while she was here.

  3. Oh yeah. We all have our moments. My aunt will never let me live down the first and last time I took the Lord's name in vain. I was four years old and we were at the grocery store. She was exasperated and could find the cookie dough. I was trying to relate to her and said "where's the golly dolly cookie dough?" Except I didn't say golly dolly. And we were in a crowded store. In rural Georgia. Oh yes.

  4. He probably learned it from his uncle!