Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day Twenty Six - Las Vegas Lizard Lounging


This is what happens on the day after the Damn Tour:

Mermaidelicious and LoriLongstocking snuggling about with Hurley and the Captain.

Please notice Aunt Lori's affinity for a super soft Lightning McQueen blanket.

At least now I know what to get her for Christmas.

More Lizard Lounging.

Please notice that the only reason Two-Fisted Chris is working in the background is because all seats were taken on his super comfy couch from heaven.

Black Jack Bentley (during a rare moment of non-ADD repose), enjoying time with Red.

Where is Two Swords?

Taking the pictures.

Where am I?

No, not sleeping. Hahahaha.

Doing approximately SIXTEEN THOUSAND loads of laundry, in preparation for packing for the next day's departure.

The Sparrow eventually got bored of Las Vegas Lizard Lounging, and headed to Two-Fisted Chris' very extensive library for a book that was more on his level.

Yeah, well that didn't last very long. Not many pictures of ninjas or monster trucks or blood or pirates or skulls..

So he decided to squat.

And I don't mean, like squat, to PEE.

I mean he became a squatter.

A dog pen squatter.

And no, dear readers, we did NOT put Jake in a dog pen.

No, we did NOT.

He put HIMSELF in a dog pen.

We merely photographed the act.

Oh, and the scratch on his eye remains from his go-kart rear end collision.

Just so you know.............

The only individuals who really suffered (if you can even think such a thing), were Roxy and Hurley, who were ousted from their 'home' by the Dog Pen Squatter.

And don't they just look like their life realllllly sucks?

Goodnight Hurley.

Goodnight Roxy.

Goodbye Texas Pirates.

Goodbye Vegas Pirates.

Goodbye Nevada.....................

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