Friday, August 14, 2009

Grandpa, and a Testimony of Faith


Grandpa is going to be OKAY!


Praise GOD!

I feel compelled to share a series of miracles with you that have transpired over the past one hundred days, as a testimony of faith to those of you family and friends, and those of you PERFECT strangers who have prayed for a man you have never met before in your life.

As Billy and I received the word of Grandpa's accident, of course we were mortified, and horrified and scared to death and a thousand miles away, and oh-my-God- what is going to happen next, and please, please, please let him be okay.

And as Billy took a few minutes to breathe and regroup and silently pray and ponder for his father, I did the same.

But instead of valleys, I was seeing peaks.

Instead of tragedy, I saw miracle after miracle after miracle, even as Grandpa was being airlifted, condition, status, injuries, prognosis - UNKNOWN to man, KNOWN only to God.

This man was on his riding lawnmower/tractor, crossing a two lane highway, when he was struck on his entire left side by a pickup truck going 40+ mph, the tractor then spun in 360 degree circles who knows how many times, and then he was LAUNCHED who knows how many feet, thanks to inertia and gravity, landing UNDERNEATH a guardrail halfway down the highway.

Miracle #1 - he survived. Need I say more? Oh wait. Did I mention he is SEVENTY-TWO years old?

Miracle #2 - Thank God we just got to spend 12 days with him. Thank you God for those 12 days, even if Jake and Reilly and Billy and Heather drove him absolutely nuts, thank you God for that time.

Miracle #3 - Thank God this horrific accident didn't happen while we were in the Grand Canyon with no cell phone service for days. Coincidence? Not hardly.

Miracle #4 - Thank God that MY HUSBAND STILL DOES NOT HAVE A JOB AFTER A YEAR. How can I possibly thank God for this, you ask? Because it is true. I am so thankful my husband does not have a job right now, so that he was able to take off at a moment's notice, be by his father's side, be with his family, fill whatever need he was meant to fill, and not have to worry or fret about anything else. God has His own watch, with His own set of timing, and it is not for us to question. There is always a reason. Sometimes He lets us know what it is, and sometimes He doesn't. This time, it was made crystal clear to me.

Miracle #5 - have I mentioned lately that about one hundred days ago it was inferred to me that I was potentially dying of lymphoma, and now suddenly I am NOT?

Miracle #6- Today, not only is Grandpa ALIVE, and PROGRESSING, and COMMUNICATING with his family, but TODAY, Grandpa is begging for chewing tobacco.

Don't tell ME there is no God.

He is there.

You just aren't seeing HIM.

You call them COINCIDENCES.

I call them God Sightings.

He is everywhere.

Just open your eyes.


There He is.

To God be the Glory.


Please pray for our Grandpa.

He was in a really bad accident yesterday, and he needs lots and lots of prayers.

He was on his riding lawn mower and he got hit by a pickup truck.

We love him a lot and want him to get better soon.

Captain Jake Sparrow and Reilly the Red


  1. OMG that is awful. He will be in my thoughts :(

  2. That's terrible! Praying for him.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry, praying for Reilly and Jake's Grandpa to have a full recovery!

  5. I am so glad that Grandpa Fallon is going to be Okay! We will continue to pray for a fast recovery. Great post!

  6. Awesome!! So glad Grandpa and you are okay!! And thanks for the reminder to look for God. He is there.

  7. powerful post, my friend! powerful.

    i've been buried and trying to catch up on posts, and have seen your cross country ventures pop up now and again...but, haven't read, yet.

    so glad he's asking for chew!!!

  8. even i cannot be so simple to say that those were just coincidences.

    it wasn't was def something.

    oh...and it is VERY warm...

  9. Wonderful, wonderful news! I will keep him in my prayers. :) Fabulous Grand Canyon pics too!