Saturday, March 28, 2009

Show and Tell


This week, Reilly the Red had the opportunity to bring something to school for Show and Tell.

This has not been a regular part of their school year, so she was pretty excited.

She was a little bit stumped on what she should bring.

None of my suggestions were considered. No surprise there.

She asked me if she could bring in one of MY trophies.

Back in the day when I had a career, I collected many trophies and plaques and certificates.

After they DOWNSIZED me, all of those once-treasured trinkets meant NOTHING to me.

So, I let the kids choose what they wanted, and each of them have some of my stuff in their rooms.

Anyway.....when Reilly the Red asked me if she could bring in one of my 'trophies', I thought it was weird, but I said, Sure.

I didn't see which one she put into her backpack.

I had no idea this was the trophy she took to school:

I have since apologized to her first grade teacher.



  1. Oh my! I wonder what kind of reaction that got. How did scrapbooking go with the Captain?

  2. The Scrapbook Club turned into a wine-drinking, chocolate donut-eating Club last night. There was no cutting or embellishing. I take that back. There was lots of embellishing. Just not on paper.

    The Captain was in his glory. Not with the wine. But after he had his 'dinner' of chocolate donuts, he pondered, "What's for dessert?"

  3. ooooh this is great. I love that trophy-I wonder what she said in class about it. lol