Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poop In the Yard


Captain Jake Sparrow: Grandma, I just pooped in the backyard.

Grandma: No you didn't.

Sparrow: Yep. I did.

Grandma: Jake, no you didn't, that's Fred's poop.

Sparrow: No it's mine.

Grandma: No it's not Jake. You did not poop in the backyard.

Reilly the Red: Yeah, Grandma, he sure did. I saw him do it. It was disgusting.

Repulsed and Revolted Grandma: Jake - did you POOP in the BACKYARD?

Sparrow: Grandma! I TOLD you! I pooped in the backyard!

Grandma: JAKE! WHY would you POOP in the BACKYARD?

Sparrow: 'Cuz. I could.


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