Tuesday, March 24, 2009

90% Complete


Billy Two Swords and Hurricane Heather used to be in the construction industry. For 20+ years.

And then the great economic crisis of 2008.......

But alas, that's not the story.

With both parents being in the commercial construction industry, my kids know words that they shouldn't. You've read about some of these very colorful expletives being used by my children before.

But they also know quite a bit about building materials, and tools, and interesting construction related terms.

When Captain Jake Sparrow was lollygagging with getting dressed the other day, Reilly the Red was right there with a perfect response.

Billy Two Swords: Jake? Are you dressed yet?

Captain: Yes I'm dressed.

Two Swords: Are you sure? Are you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT dressed yet?

Captain: Yes I am dressed. Except for my shirt. And my socks.

Reilly the Red: Dad, he's only NINETY percent dressed.

I was immediately thinking that I would give him his retainage allowance once he got his shoes on.


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  1. Too cute. Your boys are always coming up with the best things. So smart too!