Wednesday, March 4, 2009



I have a beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, thoughtful, artistic daughter.

Beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, thoughtful, artistic.

Did I mention that she is beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, thoughtful, and artistic?




Sometime last year, she began to "sneak" things into Kindergarten. It started with toys.

We were trying to instill in her the idea that ELEMENTARY school is not PRE-School. Because in PRE-school, they are allowed to bring toys.

Somehow, our "Growing Kids God's Way" mentality backfired. I'm sure we did something wrong. Because she started to SNEAK things into her pockets and her backpack.

No, she wasn't SNEAKING knives, or guns (see earlier post regarding Captain Jake Sparrow), or explosives.

Just beanie babies or lipgloss or her brother's toys (not guns).

I thought we had nipped this behavior in the bud when I forced her to spread her hands and legs against a wall at her school, IN FRONT OF ALL OF HER PEERS, and patted her down and searched her backpack.

Oh boy was she humiliated.

This public searching went on for exactly one week.

The sneaking of contraband stopped.

For awhile.

And now it's back.

Last week, she SNUCK her Ipod shuffle in her backpack. And got busted.

This morning at the bus stop, Billy Two Swords noticed she had a little watch with candy gum in it, stuffed into her pocket.

He commenced with the public searching for contraband.

She ended up boarding the bus, crying, and screaming, "You give me NO mercy!"

I am still laughing.

And really concerned about the contraband sneaking at SIX.




  1. give me no mercy!!

    i got a call from the school because my kid snuck a zippo lighter to school in pre-K...

    mother of the year!

  2. I love it! Thanks for the tip. I am going to do that to my daughter. She is only four but she is always sneaking stuff to her school.


  3. I had a student last year who snuck things in all the time. Finally, I had to call her mother and tell her to get everything, because her cubby was too full for her jacket! I guess it is just something they do!