Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Sunday Tradition?


Okay, so last week I got tagged by Shana at Blaze N Crochet

Then I find out that My Queen at Queen's World tagged me like two weeks ago (oh no, I'm not behind on my blog reading, not me), so now we get to play all over again.

So here's the deal.

Not only do I, the very lovely Hurricane Rojo receive the following award:

But, the six lovely blog ladies who I pick also win the award if they play my little tag game!

And all of your answers can only be one-word! Easy as pie, right-o?

Where is your cell phone? Counter
Your hair? Fabulous
Your mother? Dirty
Your father? Whacked
Your favorite food? Mexican
Your dream last night? Pirate
Your favorite drink? Tea
Your dream/goal? Cure
What room are you in? Kitchen
Your hobby? Scrapbooking
Your Fear? Liberals
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive
Where were you last night? Home
Something that you aren't? Tall
Muffins? Sure!
Wish list item? Snugglie
Where did you grow up? Orlando
Last thing you did? Pooped
What are you wearing? Lazies
Your TV? Off
Your pets? Asleep
Friends? Blessings!
Your life? Chaotic
Your mood? None
Missing someone? No
Vehicle? Expedition
Something you’re not wearing? Jockstrap
Your favorite store? Publix
Your favorite color? Purple
When was the last time you laughed? Earlier
Last time you cried? 10/13/09
One place that I go to over and over? Church
One person who emails me regularly? Heiress
Favorite place to eat? Bonefish

And here are my contestants/winners:

Shana at Blaze N Crochet

Nikki at Life As We Know It

Brandi at My Three Bubs

Erica at In Need of Mercy

My GF at Eyeglasses and Endzones

and last but most definitely NOT least:

Lindy at Obsessed Insanity who says she is looking forward to spending time with me at Blissdom in February, but I am still betting the farm that she'll realize how nuts I am way before February and fake either the chicken pox or the Ebola virus to get out of hanging with the Hurricane.

Play the game, and post your awards!

And thank you again, My Queen!



  1. My favorite food is mexican too. YUM

  2. No rush on the award thing! I can't believe you won 3, I mean-I can! But, you know what I mean. :) Congrats!

  3. Thanks! I will do my best to get to this today or like tonight ya know.

  4. Congrats on yet another award! Love your answers. You seriously crack me up. I've only been to Bonefish a couple times, but their Bang Bang Shrimp is yummy!

  5. Bang Bang Shrimp is the Bang Bang Bomb! Although, I found one of those websites that publishes restaurant recipes and tried to replicate it?
    Yeah, don't even think about it. Just go to Bonefish.

  6. Shana:
    If you never get to it, the only one who will ever know is God.
    I delayed this one a week! HA! Who knew?
    I merely asked the giver for forgiveness in advance, and she was totally cool with it.
    I've got another one coming next Sunday. That's how awesomely, fabulously popular I am. (as she throws her hair to the side and rolls her eyes).