Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I am NOT a responsible parent.

I do NOT allow my children to play outside unattended.

NOT me.

NOT ever.

I did NOT catch Captain Jake Sparrow NOT doing the following:

He did NOT mix bleach.

He did NOT mix 409.

He did NOT mix Rug Doctor.

He did NOT mix Fantastik.

He did NOT mix Car Shampoo.

He did NOT mix Armour All.

He did NOT have these items all over his clothes.

He did NOT have this concoction in a plastic bucket.

There was NOT steam rising from said plastic bucket.

When asked WHAT IN THE HELLLLLLL ARE YOU DOING? the Captain did NOT respond with:

"I am NOT a scientist doing an experimentationist."

When Billy Two Swords came running out to see why Hurricane Rojo was exploding at the mouth, he did NOT say:

"JAKE! Do NOT ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, do that again!"

"But why, Dad?"

Two Swords: "Because you could DIE!"

Captain Jake Sparrow: "Oh yeah? But I did NOT!"



  1. Holy scary. Yikes that was a concoction.

  2. Oh my gosh. I am so glad everything is ok!! My nephew peed in a toilet that had bleach in it when he was 2 and it about killed him. He had pneumonia from it. It was awful! then to top it all off when my mom ran in there she hit the toilet seat and it shut on his penis. Talk about adding insult to injury!

  3. Good thing the Captain doesn't inhale!! This does not remind me of the time I did not mix paint and whatever else I found in the basement of my apartment building... It did not get all over the neighbor kids clothes. Mine were not spotless.

  4. wow! glad everyone came out unscathed!

  5. hahah! Boyz! Glad he's still around geez!!