Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When I Was Three


Captain Jake Sparrow did not approve of the clothes I picked out for him this morning.

So I accompanied him back to his dresser to find a 'cooler' shirt.

I suggested (my mistake, shoulda known better, I know, I know, I know) a neon green Reebok soccer shirt that he absolutely loves.

Scratch that.


Used to love.

He shivered in disgust when I took it out of his drawer and held it up.

He stuck out his tongue and said, "Bleck".

Hurricane: "What is wrong with THIS shirt? You LOVE this shirt!"

Sparrow: "I weared it when I was 3, like 10 years ago. Duh."

Some aliens must have kidnapped my son last night.

Because when I tucked him in at 845 pm, he was 4.

And according to his math, he is now 13.

Perhaps I should be thankful that we bypassed 10 years and are now smack in the middle of puberty?



  1. Ha ha... mine's the other way -- she's going to be 18 and often wants to regress to 4... "mama!"

    Great post,

  2. Yeah and I thought my almost six year old was the only one:) We have the same problem. Often.

  3. That is funny!
    I get eye rolls from my three year old...My older boys didnt start that until at least six!!