Friday, September 4, 2009



So the Captain started Spanish lessons at his school this week.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Amazingly, and I mean AMAZINGLY, the Spanish is getting through that noggin some way, some how.

Sometimes I'll hear a little song that goes, "Ola, Adios, Hello, Goodbye".


But that's not the story..................

The story is, we had our Inaugural Game Night.

Two Swords and I made an unanimously joint decision to turn the television off one night a week, and have Family Game Night.

But, we didn't have any games. Believe it or not, it's true. Or, we had games that were too far advanced for one or both of our children.

So Reilly the Red and I made the trek to Wal-Mart and purchased Trouble and Jenga.

I will pick up some more selections as I see them on sale.

Back at the homestead, we decided on Trouble. It seemed appropriate, seeing as how my son, is well, you know, TROUBLE.

Two Swords brushed up on the rules, and explained it to the kids, and then started the 'who wants to be what color' game.

And Captain Jake Sparrow says, "I want to be blue because it's my favorite color, and Mommy should be ROJO because her hair is red."

Two Swords and I whipped our heads around, a la Linda Blair, peed our pants a little, stopped breathing for a second, opened our mouths wide enough to swallow a pelican, and grinned from ears to ears.

Perhaps, just maybe, just perhaps, this kid will make it!

And then he just got flat out cocky.

"I'm Azul, and Daddy is Verde."

"I got a 4. Uno, dos, tres, quatro..."

Freaking show off.

But it was awesome.

And now, I have another nickname.


I love it.


  1. So funny-and so brilliant!
    (Love the Rojo nickname-it does suit you!)

  2. That boy is awesome. Who won Trouble?