Thursday, September 24, 2009

Johnny Appleseed


Captain Jake Sparrow learned all about Johnny Appleseed in school yesterday.

Interestingly enough, I also acquired some new knowledge about Johnny Appleseed when the Sparrow recounted the version he had learned.

I took notes.

Very good notes.

Cornell notes, by the way.

Allegedly, this is what Miss Ashley taught him.

There was a man named Johnny Appleseed.

He drove around and planted seeds and went to people's houses in his truck.

He drove a truck, cuz he's a guy.

He had nowhere to sleep.

People let him sleep in their houses, but only downstairs.

They gave him ice cream.

And they let him watch TV.

They let him watch grown up fishing shows, and apple shows.

He left.

And then he traveled again and planted more seeds.

He kept traveling and traveling and traveling.

And then he went home where he lived far, far away.

He wanted people to see apple trees when they went apple driving.

This is the Johnny Appleseed Gospel According to Captain Jake Sparrow.

Thanks be to apples.




  1. well... that is not exactly the story i told them yesterday... but when i introduced johnny appleseed in circle time yesterday i asked if anyone knew who he was. "Captain Jack" jumped up enthusiastically and said "Oh I do!" I really was not expecting this, but I decided to go with it and said, "okay Jake, tell us who Johnny Appleseed was."
    "He was the pastor... pause) Oh, i remember... He was the pastor when Micheal Jackson died!"
    Definitely wasn't expecting that. So as long as "Captain Jack" knows now that Johnny Appleseed has nothing to do with the death of Micheal Jackson, I am good!

    The Infamous Dot Giver

  2. I gotta tell ya, my favorite part of his story is that he got to watch apple shows on TV and that he wanted people to see the apple trees when they went apple driving.

    It scares me to think about what his neurons and synapses look like.

    No, I mean it SCARES me.