Sunday, September 20, 2009




I guess it was inevitable.

We should have known it would never work from the get go.

He, the social animal, never knew a stranger, friends out the ying yang.

She, the introverted book worm, mouthy, offensive, agoraphobic tendencies.


It appears that there is no other option.

She has asked for the divorce.

No matter how much love remains between the two of them, the request has been made.

Oh, wait.


Not the Hurricane and Two Swords! NO! No! we are NOT getting a divorce! Sorry about that!

Nope. Not happening. No worries there.

Actually, Reilly the Red asked me the other day if "we", being the "family", could divorce Jake.


And her father was thousands of miles away tending to a tragedy, so I winged it.

I told her, No, there would be NO divorcing in this family, mom or dad, brother or sister. Nope. Not going to happen.

"But he's a MONSTER!"

And then, I swear, she actually called him an "AMOEBA".



I thought it was comical, and would blow over.


And just for the record, to the Captain's credit, he wasn't even 'that' bad on this particular day.

His sister had just plain had 'enough', I guess.

So I thought I had made it pretty clear that no, there would be no divorcing, he's your brother, you love him, you're mad at him right now for lord only knows what, get the heck over it and shut your piehole.

She holed up in her room. The children's doors do NOT have locks, (gosh sometimes we are soooo wise), but if they did, hers would have been locked.

And my nearly perfect daughter wrote me the following letter. Word for Word.

Dear Mom

I know it's been a ruff 7 years but it's time

for me to go

your wish has came true I'm leaving



And then she drew a smiley face.

And added a PS.

I'm leaving towwmmorow

Guess what.

She wrote this note a week ago today.


She's still here.



  1. Do you just laugh hysterically everyday? Your kids are so funny. When mine have had enough of each other they like to say "I wish you were never born." Which promptly gets them a time out, but they still say it anyway. ;) Only once did I get a threat that one was "leaving" and I told him fine, but I bought all the toys and they stay... he didn't leave after all.

  2. Oh Brandi, do we ever. We even laugh when they aren't around, just remembering them. If only you could see/hear them in real life. I swear, Jake's voice sounds exactly as you think it does, if you read his words out loud. So funny. We do not have an entertainment budget - don't need one in this house!