Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pickle Ankle


So the Captain has started wrestling.

Real wrestling.

The kind with mats and shoes and coaches and dues.

Initially, I'm pretty sure that the Captain was envisioning Mixed Martial Arts as his extra-curricular activity, so when we first showed up, I think he was a tad bit disappointed.

Since then, however, he has done really well, considering he is only four, and he only weighs THIRTY-TWO pounds.

Two Swords wrestled in high school, and was fifth in state, back in THE day.

And my Dad (who I just realized is in dire need of a pirate name, so I will be working on that THIS weekend), also wrestled in high school.

So Captain Jake Sparrow is a wrestler.

And Two Swords is now known as Coach Billy.

It is working out splendidly.

Reilly the Red and I get to spend quiet, special, no-testosterone time together.


When I was tucking the Captain in for the night, he said to me, "I'm going to give you a Pickle Ankle."

I thought I was hallucinating.

Then I shook the cobwebs out of my head and made yet another mistake by asking, "what's a pickle ankle?"

And then he started using some weird wrestling moves on me and uttering strange noises.

I said, "Oh. Okay. Well, goodnight."

And then I headed to the wrestling expert in our family and asked him, "Ummm. What's a Pickle Ankle?"

Two Swords: "What are you talking about?"

So I repeated what just happened.

And Two Swords started to crack up and said, "Ankle PICK. Ankle PICK. Not Pickle Ankle. He learned how to do an Ankle PICK."

Oh buoy.

This wrestling thing is going to be very interesting!



  1. So a couple of us were discussing the amount of amusement and (bemusement) we get out of your blog. And it made me wonder what sort of outrageous thing I need to do to get a mention complete with my own pirate name?

  2. Oh my! Wrestling is rampant in my family. My Grandad and Uncle wrestled in highschool and college and my Uncle has been a high school wrestling coach for 24 years. My cousin has been wrestling since he can walk and it is now great to see him at 13 on the middle school team. Tell Captain Jake that my uncle wrestled a bear and won!

    Just wait until they get into the really dirty looking positions like "Saturday Night Special".

  3. Shawn, for starters, you could become an official follower of my blog.

    And then, your time will come, friend. Your time will come.......although it will probably evolve from your son, but your time will come nonetheless.