Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Today, my doctor did NOT proclaim that my recent TWENTY pound weight gain was NOT the result of overeating, NOR did he say it was most likely the result of water retention and/or hormonal issues (NO, I am NOT getting old), and/or steroids (because I do NOT have a secret love of back acne and Freda-like unabrows and mustaches, NOR do I have a secret desire to run a 3.55 40).

To celebrate this WONDERFUL news, as well as the back acne, I did NOT, oh NO I did NOT, consume one entire pumpkin pie covered in REGULAR cool whip.

Oh No I did NOT!


Oh YES I did!



  1. Oh my that sounds really good. Hmm, does it help with the extra hair? LOl.

  2. I ate nearly an entire pan of bakava by myself. Does that make you feel better?

  3. Monkeys - I never said I felt bad!
    But I'd also enjoy an entire tray of baklava.
    Don't think I could consider that a tray of vegetables like i have considered the pie a vegetable pie. Pumpkin = squash = vegetable, therefore, pumpkin pie = vegetable pie, right?

  4. Love me a veggie pie too! Yea, the whole pie! And if I'm gonna do that, I am certainly NOT going to do it with low or fat free cool whip, NO WAY!

  5. Lol!! Love your blog!

  6. *****n -

    Nice work. And, I was a chef for 19 years...

    YES - veggie pie. :^)

    - The Scalawag.

  7. I know we have never met and I do not even think you have ever visited my blog, but I have to say it...I love you and your blog!

  8. Oh yes, Hall Family in MD, I have most CERTAINLY visited your blog. Whilst wearing an invisibility cloak. I'm a blog stalker, not a commenter. It's very difficult to read, think, stalk, and write a comment all at the same time when you have a Captain Jake Sparrow in your life! But I'll have to surprise you with a word or two soon....!