Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Benfits of Volunteering as a SAHM


So, I've been volunteering at Reilly the Red's school about four hours per week.

I don't interact with the children too much, by choice, thank GOD!

I mostly grade and sort paperwork, and hang up the A and B papers every week.

It's actually kinda of fun, and something I didn't ever have an opportunity to do when I had an away from home career.

Yesterday, I got to witness a humorous moment, and I honestly don't think it was for my benefit.

From some of the papers I see, she draws our family as having THREE members in it, and Captain either disappeared, or ran away from home, or as she probably wishes, he had never even been born in the first place.

So her teacher was verbally quizzing the students on word meanings.

Like, "give me a sentence with the word 'bigger' in it'"

And then he gets to Reilly the Red.

Teacher: "Reilly, give me a sentence with the word 'quite' in it".

And a very prepared as if she had been studying for years for this one chance to say this once sentence, Reilly the Red flung out the following:

"My brother is QUITE the noisemaker."


And there are 17 other 7 year old witnesses, as well as a chuckling 30+ year old teacher.

These moments make all the 'bad' volunteering moments, so very much worthwhile!


  1. OMG that is hilarious! She did quite a good job with her sentence too!