Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday!


This past weekend was NOT Dirty Diana's birthday.


We did NOT have lasagna.

We did NOT watch Grandma Dirty Diana open her dollar store presents.

We did NOT have a fabulous 14 different flavored cheesecake for all to sample and enjoy.

We did NOT have a huge dirt pile to play in.

Birthday Girl Grandma Dirty Diana did NOT engage in a Silly String fight with two of her pirate grandchildren, Captain Jake Two Swords and Reilly the Red.

Dirty Diana did NOT throw out the silly string and then she did NOT grab a hose and did NOT try to attack her sweet little grandson and then did NOT soak him to the bone!

Dirty Diana did NOT have any fun.

NOT Dirty Diana.

NOT MY Mother!

NO Way!

It was NOT tons of fun for everyone.

It was NOT.

And Dirty Diana is NOT going to kill me for posting the following picture all over the internet for all the world to see.


NOT me.



  1. Ha haaa! Looks like you guys did NOT have an awesome time!

  2. Ahhhh Thats sooo cool. Looks like she had a great birthday. My son got "teeth" just like that the other day. It creeped me the hell out.