Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Reilly the Red had the opportunity to morph yet again into character.

This time it was for school.

She had to read a book, and 'morph' into the central character of the book.

Her book report had to contain the similarities and differences between her and the main character of the book.

And she got to dress up as the main character, but she also had to use their voice!

Luckily, we had the opportunity to obtain videos of this particular character.

To some of you, Eloise will need no introduction.

To the other three of you, Eloise is a little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, with a Nanny, and a host of servants at her command, as her mother is an attorney working in Paris.

She is allegedly based on Liza Minelli, who allegedly lived at the Plaza Hotel in New York City as a child also.

Here is MY Eloise:


Those are MY snakeskin boots.

That I wear a lot.

And yes, that makes me SUPER AWESOME MOM to allow my daughter to wear MY boots to school because they just 'made' the outfit.

And to the very nosey third grade teacher who commented, "Please tell me her mother packed her another pair of shoes for the day.", the answer is:



Of course I did.

That's part of being SUPER AWESOME MOM.

Oh buoy.

Could she BE any more beautiful?


She is so gorgeous. Perfect skin, hair, eyes.......

We love our Eloise.

But we love our Reilly the Red even more.

Just the way she is.

Perfect skin, hair, eyes............



  1. she is gorgeous! a perfect Eloise. love the boots. not the nosy third grade teachers so much. had my own rude second grade teacher last year!

  2. She is beautiful!! My hubby would so love those boots! My feet...not so much...lol.

  3. Awww adorable! I so could not walk in those boots all though i would love a pair!