Wednesday, November 11, 2009



The Captain was cleaning his room.

I heard some strange words.

Actually, I heard a strange WORD.

Actually, it wasn't strange.

I have heard this word many times in my life.

And as ashamed as I am to say it, I have uttered the word more than I have heard it.

You know the word.


I thought I heard the Captain saying "F--- It", "F--- It", "F--- It",

Over and over and over again.

But as he was saying it, I heard cars being thrown into his toyboxes.

And I heard drawers being slammed shut.

And he wasn't mad.

So I wondered if perhaps I was hearing things?

So I went into the Sparrow's room.

He was cleaning. Scary, but true.

I asked him, "Jake, are you saying a bad word?"

He looked sincerely surprised.

"No, Mom! I'm not saying ANY bad words."

"Jake, are you sure?"

"Yeah Mom!"

"Well, Jake, what was that word you just kept saying over and over?"

"I was saying BUCKET Mom!"

"BUCKET? Are you SURE you were saying BUCKET, BUCKET, BUCKET, and not some OTHER word?"

"Yeah Mom! I wouldn't say that OTHER word! I wouldn't."

"Okay, Jake."

"But sometimes I say Damn and Shit and other words like that."

Of course you do, Son.

Of course you do.



  1. Of course! That is funny now! I like how he wouldn't say THAT word but sometimes he says these

  2. He wouldn't say that, Mom. Love it!

  3. Oh no...atleast he is honest. I can see how you would think that about the word Bucket. LOL