Friday, March 4, 2011

My Favorite Things

1). Chocolate eclair creamer mixed with white chocolate coconut creamer with my morning coffee brought to me by my nearly perfect husband.

2). Snuggles and kisses by the kiddies.

3). Getting carded at Publix for trying to buy an eight dollar bottle of Cabernet.

4). American Idol

5). The attention I garner from my oh-so-fake-but-oh-so-fabulous red hair.

6). The fullness of my tummy after a wonderful, delectable meal.

7). Billy Two Swords' hands and forearms. They make me swoon.

8). Prescription narcotics. MY prescription, no one else's.

9). Wi-Fi

10). Facebook. Who knew?

11). Guns N Roses

12). Batman - the greatest superhero EVER, who just happens to have the HOTTEST superhero car. He has no power, therefore he wins because he's smarter and hotter. Don't get me started.

13). The attention I get from having red hair. Wait....did I say that already? Hmmmmm...I must REALLY like it....

14). Ahi tuna. Seared. Rare. With teriyaki soy sauce and hot mustard. Yum.

15). My Craftmatic Adjustable Vibrating Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed (30). If you buy nothing else in this life, get one of these. There is nothing like sleeping IN a bed, rather than ON one.

16). My Ford Expedition. It is my second one, yes it is a guzzler, yes I am quite small to be driving such a behemoth, but I love it, and I will never own anything else. It makes me feel like a badass. Especially this one - it's got some custom ghetto package, it's black with red accents on the inside and the headrests say FMF. For Funk Master Flex. Some rapper dude. We changed it to Funk Master Fallon. Yep. I'm a white Irish girl who has a brotha ride. And I love it!

17). Stargazer lilies.

18). Chocolate. In any way, shape, or form. Daily. Please.

19). Gifting people. I love to give things away. I do not like to receive. Ever. Just let me give you stuff.

20). Making people laugh.

21). Singing. I'm terrible at it. But I like to think that I'm not.

22). Mexican food. Yum.

23). Tanqueray. Boy does it get me into trouble twice a year, but it is definitely one of my favorite things.

24). Taking photographs that make people smile. Or laugh. Or cry.

25). Writing. Duh.

26). Old Navy Mid Rise 'Flirt' Jeans. No more MOM Jeans for me!

1 comment:

  1. Hey we have a lot of the same favorites!! I need to try those jeans though. I bought some of their relaxed skinny jeans and love them although the knees are crazy tight. Weird. They are more like straight leg though and not tight all over. Anyway, I like them.