Friday, March 11, 2011



I know.

I can't believe it myself.

Even though he made it his New Year's Resolution.

What you are about to see, well, you may never see again.


The Sparrow is officially a "Terrrrrrrific Kid."

He couldn't believe it.

When his teacher put the 'green' paper on his desk on MONDAY, he went up to her and told her she must have made a mistake, that it couldn't possibly belong to him.

He was wrong.  It was all his.

That afternoon, he came careening off the bus, screaming, "I'M TERRIFIC KID, I'M TERRIFIC KID, I'M TERRIFIC KID!"

Two Swords and I were in shock and awe and complete disbelief.  So was Reilly the Red.  Who actually told him she was really proud of him!

Unfathomable, right?


Especially since he got written up two days later for smacking some innocent little kid upside the head in the lunchroom.

That's MY Terrific Kid.

Oh, and for the record, the tie was ALL his idea.  Especially the refusal to button the top button and wear a clip-on tie, the, um, REAL way.


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