Wednesday, March 23, 2011




As I was deeply engrossed with my favorite annual event of.....TAX PREPARATION!.....Two Swords came and rescued me by kidnapping two very bored pirates.

They headed to our 'beach', and the kids played on the tire swing, ran, played, swam, fished, and made people laugh.  That's what THEY do.

Captain Jake Sparrow arrived home first, telling me how much fun he had, that he went swimming, that he got pushed so high on the tire swing that he had to hold his breath until he turned purple....

whoa - why did you think you had to hold your breath while you were on the swing?

Sparrow - isn't it OBVIOUS?

um, nope.  it's not.  Anyway.  So who all was down there?

Sparrow:  Me, Reilly, Barney, BooBoo, The Guy Who Drinks Too Much, Daddy, Mr. Obvious, and Mr. Obvious'es Wife.  (interestingly she was not called MISSES Obvious, hmmmm?).

And always confused Mama Pirate MISTAKENLY asked:  Um, who is Mister Obvious, Jake?

Eye rolling, bored to DEATH Sparrow:  Duh, Mom.  Isn't it Obvious who Mister Obvious is?

Me, pretty much using process of elimination at this point:  Mr. Frodo?  Is Mister Frodo Mister Obvious?

Sparrow:  Of  course he is!  Isn't it OBVIOUS?  OBVIOUSLY Frodo is Mister Obvious.  I can't believe you don't 'get' it.

Nope, sure didn't.

Twenty minutes later, upon greeting Frodo/Frudo/Frito/Stanley in my garage, I said, "ummm, Hey Frodo, why does Jake say that your new nickname is Mr. Obvious?

Frodo howls with laughter.  He says he has no idea.  He says, 'Jake said I was MISTER OBVIOUS?"

Me;  Yeah, and when I asked him why, he told me, "OBVIOUSLY he is Mister OBVIOUS, Mom!"

And the confusion and laughter went on and on and on.

Today, I asked Jake once again about the 'Obviousness' of Mr. Obvious' new nickname.

And of course I got what was coming to me when the Sparrow said, "MOM!  If you can't figure out how OBVIOUS it is, then I really can't help you!  Can I have a chocoalte donut?"

I remain OBVIOUSLY confused.


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