Sunday, April 5, 2009

From Here to There


It has been an incredibly long, beautiful, fulfilling, fruitful, fun day.

Today, was the first time that Reilly the Red and Hurricane Heather performed together at a Bell and Chime Concert.

So what?

Is that what you are thinking?

I'll tell you what.

My Old Best Friend, Marguerita, and my New Best Friend Miss Merrimiff and I discussed this over the most delightful celebratory sushi dinner this evening.

Marguerita put it very succintly.

She was watching the two of us play our chimes and our bells in our little country church. And she started reiminscing. About how we have been friends since, oh, 1985 or something. And the journeys that our lives have been before we were friends, since we've been friends....And she looked up at the cross at our church and remembered the day that I married Billy Two Swords. And she remembered the day that Reilly the Red was baptized. And she remembered how sick I have been on and off over the past nine years. And she remembered helping to pray Captain Jake Sparrow into the world. And she has been awed and inspired at the how husband and wife have taken a new walk with the Lord. And she saw me ringing those bells. And she remembered what a nerd I was in high school, and she thought to herself, "Hurricane is supposed to be on Wall Street somewhere, or running some global conglomerate. Hurricane was meant for greatness! She's not supposed to be the mother of two kids, in a sleepy little town, as a deacon and a bell ringer in a little country church! Who knew?"

And then, when she told me this story after the concert, we both agreed.

God knew.

God knew it in 1985.

God knew it nine years ago.

God knew it when those two miracle babies were prayed into this world.

God got me from here to there.

God meant me for greatness.

God meant for me to bring those two beautiful miracle babies into this world, if for nothing else.

I do my best to honor his choice each and every day.

Some days are better than others.

Today was a good day.

Today was evidence of how God got me from here to there.

To all my friends and family, new and old, near and far, thank you for loving me for who I am, for who I was, for who I have yet to become. Thank you for letting me be the sinner that I am, the weirdo that I am, the nerd that I am, the mischievous player that I am.....Thank you for letting me be me, and loving me either in spite of, or because of, who I am. I am nothing without you. All of you.

To my beloved husband, thank you for loving me in spite of my mouth, in spite of my past, in spite of my stubborn, arrogant, instigating streak. Thank you for loving me like I don't deserve, and for forgiving me when I would expect you to hold onto your anger. And thank you for those two beautiful miracle babies.

This post isn't about bells. It's about the journey from here to there. I'm still on the journey. What a wild ride it has been. I can't wait for what lies beyond the next turn.

And no.


In a million years, would I have ever dreamed that the formerly Heather Jean Fuhrer Fallon would become Hurricane Heather, aka Bean aka Heather Jean aka Rookie Bell Ringer of the Year aka Fallon aka Fal aka Falcon aka Mommy. Nor would I have ever dreamed that being Mommy would be enough.

But it is.

It is enough.

And yet so much more.

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