Thursday, April 23, 2009



Michelangelo had his David.

I have mine.

Captain Jake Sparrow likes to play in his room when he his naked.

Thankfully, he is only four.

If he still likes to do this when he is 14, then yes, I admit, we have a problem.



  1. hilarious! i have one of those kinda kids, too. he was naked from 2 yrs to 5 yrs...the kids is JUST now learning modesty!! he still won't wear underwear, though. but, neither do, i'm to blame on that one.

    seeing as he's my kid and i let him run around naked for 3 years...i guess it's all my fault really...


  2. That is funny. Me and my sister call this "one with their body" stage. My children will try to do this whenever they can.

  3. I have a "nekid" one myself.....she started to finally put on clothes around 4-5ish....but 99% it has to be "jammies". I'm good with that.