Tuesday, April 21, 2009



The Captain had his four year old checkup last week, and had to get shots.

Yeah, the shots sucked. Just ask him. He'll tell you. He's still getting mileage out of them.

But the best part of the whole visit was the question and answer session with the nurse at the beginning. Part of the whole 'can this kid do what all the other four year olds can do' nonsense.

Nurse: "Can he hop on one foot?"

ME: I dunno. Jake? Can you hop on one foot?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that he could, in fact, very competently hop on one foot. He was even able to switch foots in mid-hop. Impressed, I was.

Nurse: "Can he draw a picture of a man?"

ME: No.

Nurse: "Are you sure?"

ME: Yes. Next question.

Nurse: "Can he dress himself?"

ME: Yes.

Nurse: "Does he tell stories? Does he have an imagination?"

ME: (quick, knowing glance towards Reilly)

ME: (cracking up laughing)

ME: (making a mental note to remember this one for Billy Two Swords' benefit)

ME: Oh yeah. He can tell stories. What do you think, Reilly? Can he tell stories?

Reilly: Duh, Mom. He can totally tell stories. That's all he ever does is tell stories.



  1. Is Reilly now teaching him how to draw a man?

  2. No. She is still laughing at the 'can he tell stories' comment.