Tuesday, April 28, 2009



We were blessed this weekend with a visit by our niece, CJ, and her friends, Caroline & Jordan. It was a surprise visit, but a pleasant surprise.

Reilly the Red cried all day yesterday because she missed CJ. She only sees CJ once, maybe twice a year. She was quite smitten after this last visit. When I asked Reilly what her favorite part of the weekend was, she said, "Sitting on CJ's lap."

Captain Jake Sparrow now has a new best friend, Jordan. All weekend long, he would say, "Could somebody help me with this? Jordan?" Too funny. I think Jordan just might be as taken with the Captain as the Captain was with Jordan. But when I asked the Captain what HIS favorite part of the weekend was, he said, "When Bugsy farted." NOTE - Bugsy is the guinea pig with the insanely large eyes in the movie "Bedtime Stories".

Of ALL the fun things that happened over the past four days, Jake remembers a bug-eyed, farting guinea pig.



  1. oh how sweet that they enjoyed their cousins visit. My son likes it when my his older cousins come to hang out with him too. Have a great night Heather!